Mongrel Motorsports is Dwight Varnes and Scott Loercher, two south central Pennsylvania car and motorcycle enthusiasts.  We enjoy building as much as using our project vehicles. We share a philosophy of fun cars at an affordable cost.  We think high dollar tuner cars are silly...who can afford them?  Our projects are real cars for the real world. We believe you can build, drive and race fun cars even on a meager income. We're happy to share our builds, ideas and knowledge (and sometimes, failures) with other motor enthusiasts.

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Disclaimer:  all brand names used are for identification purposes only. Mongrel Motorsports, it's members or family, have no relationship with the manufacturers referred to on this site unless otherwise specified.
Project Cars
Grassroots Motorsports
$2002 Challenge

1972/75 BMW 2002
Eaton Supercharger

Why Mongrel Motorsports ?

It's actually a pretty simple answer.  Both Scott and myself, along with our respective spouses, are dog lovers.  All of our dogs (six total) have been 'recycled' from the local animal shelter.  With the exception of our Australian Shepherd, they are all mutts, mixed-breeds or mongrels.  Since a lot of the vehicles I work on tend to be mongrels as well (cobbled together from multiple cars or salvage parts) I thought the name appropriate for our pseudo-race team. Our first adoption, Kellie the Shepherd-Husky mix, died from cancer prematurely on 8/21/00.  My race cars are number 821 in her memory.
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This site will be terminated July 31, 2012. Mongrel Motorsports will be moving to Facebook. If there is something on the site you want to refer to, we suggest you print it! No guarantee the files currently here will be transferred.
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